Timetable and Fares

Scheduled Weekly Timetable

 Ivybridge Town Area
Monday £5.50 to Newton Abbot

Pick up at 9:30
Depart at 14.30

Tuesday £3.50 to Ivybridge Methodist Church Lunch

£4.50 to Plymouth

Pick up at 9.00 and arrive at 10.30
Depart at 13.00


£3.50 to Ivybridge Town Centre or Tesco

Ivybridge Town pick up between 9.00 to 9.30
Ivybridge Town depart at 11.15 or 12.00

Tesco pick up at 11.00 and arrive at 11.45
Tesco depart at 13.45

Friday  from £6.50* Trips
*Price published per trip


 Cornwood, Lutton, Sparkwell, Ermington

£4.00 to Ivybridge Town Centre or Tesco

Cornwood pick up at 9.10
Sparkwell pick up at 9.30
Ermington pick up at 10.30

Ivybridge (Cornwood/Sparkwell) depart at 11.45
Tesco (Cornwood/Sparkwell) depart at 12.15
Tesco (Ermington) depart at 13.30


£4.50 to Plymouth

Pick up at 9.00 and arrive at 10.30.
Depart at 13.00

Friday Fro £6.50* Trips
*Price published per trip


 Yealmpton, Brixton, Wembury, Newton & Noss

£4.50 to Plymstock Broadway or Morrisons

Yealmpton pick up at 9.10
Newton Ferrers pick up at 9.30
Brixton pick up at 9.45
Wembury pick up at 10.00

Wembury depart at 13.00
All others depart at 14.15

 Wednesday 1st Wednesday of each month £4.50 to Plymouth
Arrive at 10.45 to 11.00
Depart at 13.00


 South Brent
Monday £5.50 to Newton Abbot

Pick up at 9:40
Depart at 14.30

 Wednesday £5.50 to Newton Abbot/Totnes
Pick up at 09:40
Depart Totnes at 14:25
Depart Newton Abbot at 14:45
Friday From £6.50* Trips where available
*Price published per trip


All times are approximate and dependant on who needs to be collected so please be ready 10 minutes before advertised pickup time.