Ring And Ride

Who Is Eligible For Ring And Ride Journeys?

Our Ring and Ride scheme provides public transport for people who find it physically difficult to use conventional public transport services due to age or mobility difficulties. You do not have to be registered disabled to use the vehicle. You may be able to walk to the bus stop, but you may struggle carrying your shopping home.

We also provide transport for people who live remotely from public transport services and do not have independent access to transport of their own.

To use our scheme you need to be registered with us. See our registration page for details how to register.

What are Ring and Ride Schemes?

Ring and ride schemes are designed to assist persons with mobility issues to get to local shopping destinations. The County Council provide funding assistance for these essential trips but do not provide funding for trips to destinations outside the local area which the County Council class as non-essential. While we do provide these non-essential trips, they have to be self funding and are more expensive.

What Are Essential Ring & Ride Services?

IDCTA run a timetabled door to door flexible service for eligible residents within each of the parishes served. This offers an opportunity for residents to go on a shopping trip from their home to a local shopping destination, once a week using vehicles which have been specially adapted for ease of access. Our vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs with a tail lift facility and other mobility aids.

Our drivers are able to provide assistance to passengers getting on or off the bus if needed and will carry your shopping to your door if requested. This door to door, timetabled service is charged at a fixed price per passenger as set out in on destinations and pricing page.

Passengers all have to book their seat on the bus with our coordinator at least 48hours in advance of travelling. Our office is open for bookings Monday to Friday 9-00hrs to 13-00hrs. Once booked all seats must be paid for unless the booking is cancelled at least 48 hours before the day of travel.

The cost of these essential trips, are subsidised by Devon County Council enabling the fares to be kept as low as possible.

What Are Non-Essential Ring & Ride Trips?

IDCTA also run additional services to enhance the life of the community and give expanded choice of shopping locations to passengers. These trips offer travel to a wider range of shopping locations and are generally half day trips to destinations such as Plymouth, Exeter, Newton Abbot and Tavistock. Destinations vary in response to passenger request and demand. See our Trips page for details.


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