How you can help?

With the rising running costs and the greater difficulty in obtaining funding from charitable trusts and other such sources, we are finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds to keep the services viable. We ask if you are able to assist us in any way with a donation, large or small, to continue helping people with their transport needs.

Below are listed a variety of ways which you could financially help us to keep our organisation running.

Direct donation

Our organisation relies on donations to make up the shortfall in direct funding from Local Government. If you can make a donation, no matter how small, it helps to make sure our organisation can continue serving the local community.

To make donating easy we have provided a link to a donation website run and funded by British Telecom which passes on 100% of any donation to our charity together with up to 25%  additional contribution by Gift Aid, if the donation is from a basic rate tax payer. Please tick the box if you are a basic rate tax payer.

My Donate

(Link to

Raise funds as you shop online

When you shop online, you can use to raise a donation to IDCTA – at no cost to you. Find out more, watch the video which explains how it all works and register.
You register by clicking on the ‘Support a Good Cause’ button at the bottom of the page and then by typing ‘Ivybridge and District Community Transport Association into the search box. Our name will pop up on the drop down list after you have typed in ‘Ivybridge and D’.

Business can also sign up to this scheme.

If you do not shop online at the moment, but your family do, ask them to register. It will not cost them anything and our organisation can benefit from their everyday purchasing, keeping our vehicles on the road.

After you have registered and when you want to make a purchase, go to the retailers page on the easyfundraising website you will be asked to log in, then you can either search for the retailer of your choice, e.g. Marks and Spencer, or for the type of shopping you want to do, from the drop down box. From here you will be directed to the normal web page of the retailer where you can search and purchase as normal. Many major on line shopping sites such as; Tesco, Amazon, Viking, John Lewis, Argos, Ebay, CarpetRight and over 2700 other online retailers have signed up to the scheme. Our charity will automatically receive a donation from your purchase.


Minibus money boxes

Our collecting boxes are distributed around the Ivybridge area. If you have any spare cash please donate if you see a box, every little helps. The boxes are managed by a small and dedicated collection team and the funds raised make a significant contribution to our local fundraising effort. If you would like to join our collection team our Co-ordinator would be pleased to hear from you on 01752 690444.

Leaving a legacy

In a new Will

After making provision in your Will for family and friends, we would be grateful if you would consider leaving our charity a legacy in your Will. As well as helping us continue with this valuable community service, it is a tax efficient way of reducing the inheritance tax liability of your estate.

To make a Will, you may need to see a solicitor. Although you will have to pay a fee, you will receive sound professional advice and can be sure that your wishes are enacted.

There are two ways to give to IDCTA in your Will : –

  • A Residuary gift – you can choose to leave a share, or the whole, or what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones.
  • A Pecuniary gift – you can choose to give a gift of a fixed amount of money

Making an addition to your Existing Will

If you have already made a Will but would like to leave a legacy to IDCTA, you can do so by making a simple addition to your existing Will. This is called a Codicil. The form is available from IDCTA or by clicking here. By adding this supplement to your will you can include new instructions and delete old ones without having to go through the task of revoking the whole Will.

Two ways to give to IDCTA in your Codicil: –

  • A Residuary gift – you can choose to leave a share, or the whole, or what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones.
  • A Pecuniary gift – you can choose to give a gift of a fixed amount of money

Download Codicil Form Here